About us

The Fire Service Fund was formed in approximately 1936 to assist Members by provision of monetary and other benefits for the well being of Members and their families.

You are invited to apply for membership of the Fire Service Fund and receive the benefits attaching to membership. To apply for Membership, contact any members of the Committee or Management of the Fire Service Fund or complete the enclosed application forms and return to the Fire Service Fund office.

Subscriptions are payable by way of salary deductions. Download a Salary Deduction Authority form on the forms page. 

Membership classifications

The Fund has three membership classifications:


Open to all current or part time permanently employed personnel of SAMFS, CFS, SES, SAFECOM, SHARED SERVICES SA PAYROLL GROUP 10, FSCU and UFU.


Open to any retired personnel of the above, the spouse of a deceased former Member, and Regional SAMFS employees.


Open to any member declared by a resolution of the Management of the Fund to be so entitled due to meritorious service to the Fund.


Full membership

$7.00 per fortnight 

For members who use the Fund for their Health Insurance

Full membership

$10.00 per fortnight 

For members who do not have Health Insurance with the Fund

Associate membership

$50.00 per annum